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After Party Sequins

As a Personal Stylist devoted to sustainability I strongly believe in creating new outfits starting from what you already own in your wardrobe.

Christmas is all about sequins and sparkles and you might be thinking "I am not wearing anything like that after the party season". But let me disagree; sequins are joyful and everyone deserves joy especially in this moment!

The "wow" of wearing sequins is all about the moment, the most versatile ones are those that are super high rise (after the festivities), super comfortable and full length.

For “today’s party" I have paired my leggings with one of my velvet dresses, in grey. A dress with a deep split can show the beauty of the leggings and all their sparkles matched with a heeled fuchsia footwear, again comfortable enough for all night kitchen dancing. Earrings a bit of animal print...always a good pick. Red lipstick and voilà... Ready for when the party’s about to start!

For any future house parties why don’t you try mixing and matching your wardrobe by pairing your sequins using the following suggestions…

Styling a sequin dress

  • Shirts: A silk shirt layered over the top of the dress, ideally the shirt is transparent so as you can still see the sparkles and also of a similar colour for an ultra flattering look.

  • For a smarter day-wear look, I would choose a blazer, a classic navy blue one will not let you down!

  • Footwear can always change the look and feel of any outfit, so adding trainers, or biker boots can compliment the overall personality of the outfit instantly, so be as daring as you dare!

Styling sequin trousers

  • Shirts: A denim shirt can transform and casualise the look of your sequins, turning them into a casual pair of trouser instantly.

  • Tee shirts, plain ones or Mickey Mouse ones display a casual and quirky side of your personality if you are planning on having a fun day!

  • Accessories, it could be a belt, trainers, boots everything goes here, the trick is to keep the juxtaposition of the outfit following from your head to your toes!

Check out my Instagram page where I have put together a great collection of after party sequin looks.

Stay tuned for more ideas on creating new outfits starting from what you already own in your wardrobe!!!

From SimaStylist to all of you, enjoy!

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