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An evening with Sima Stylist - LIVE on Instagram

On 7th February 2021, at 7pm Sima Stylist took to IGTV and hosted a live Q&A session with her international instagram followers.

So why be a sustainable personal stylist you may ask?

Answer… I’m half eypitian and italian, I moved to London, qualified in London Styling school in X year, as I wanted to get a formal qualification. I’ve learnt that everyone has a relationship with their wardrobe, it's a reflection of how you see yourself, how people see you and this makes fashion a social phenomenon in my eyes.

I strongly believe in the power of consumers and today people are making conscious decisions to the brands they buy and follow due to their reputation and impact on the planet.

I prefer to focus on the person, developing a relationship with the individual, I like to bring joy, positivity and energy to all of my styling relationships. I prefer to focus on the needs of the person, improve their self awareness so that the process is extremely enjoyable.

There was many questions during the evening, here are some you may find interesting for your own wardrobe development

Q. After the pandemic what will we be wearing?

I believe that we will still be wearing loungewear, but mixing it with more smart elements too, “smart casual” will once again come the fore but this time it will be much brighter and fun, afterall all the lockdowns I feel people will have a personal reaction as they did back in the 1950’s. Vintage will be the biggest trend, it's sustainable and accessible (especially if you live with your mother and you can “borrow” her clothes!) The playful side of the 70’s and 80’s (we’ve seen the shoulder pads in tee shirts already) will play a role.

Q. Will we ever wear high heels again?

  1. Yes we will! Wear them with your loungewear, wear them to the shops!!! Let's keep high heels going!

Q. What is the difference between a Personal Stylist and a Fashion Stylist?

  1. There are two very different job roles; a Fashion Stylist works with celebrities and designers, I work with everyone. My pricing is accessible (link to packages) as I want as many people to feel positive about their style everyday. I want to work with people over a period of time and not a one off session as Fashion Stylists do.

What is important to me is that self care, appreciation of your shape and style is vital to everyone’s well being. I also work with a lot of men too, as this feeling and awareness is not just focussed on ladies.

Q. What happens during the styling process?

  1. I have a three step formula 1. Awareness, what exists in your wardrobe, do you have any gems hiding in the back of the cupboard.

  2. Re-education of your mindset, we plan for your future and not your past

  3. Exploration, start to play with new looks, stretching your comfort zone so that we can start to grow into your future style.

Check out my Instagram page where you will be able to catch-up on the full Instagram Live video.

Stay tuned for more ideas on creating new outfits starting from what you already own in your wardrobe!!!

From SimaStylist to all of you, enjoy!

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