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Personal Styling a life investment not a seasonal treat!

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

Working with myself will be an investment into yourself!

The work that I do is centred around the three Es:




I assist you in making the best decisions possible by encouraging you to recycle or up-cycle the pieces you already own. Starting at the bottom, with the soles of your favourite boots, moving through to providing advice on how to give your favourite handbag the first aid it needs. In other words, welcome to the circular fashion process that avoids the linear way of dealing with style: buy, wear, waste.

You may have items in your wardrobe that, with some encouragement and adaptation we can incorporate into fresh and desired new looks! My aim is to help rewire your brain so that any future shopping baskets are filled with brands that are produced ethically.

So, the only decision left to be made is “are you ready to elevate your new sustainable style and look and feel great?

From SimaStylist to all of you :)

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