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Boost your body confidence during Menopause - Workshop

“So many women I have talked to, see menopause as an ending. While you should see it as a moment to reinvent yourself after many years of focusing on others’ needs. This is your opportunity to do what matters to you!” Oprah Winfrey


As a woman who will enter in her menopause in the future, I would love to start thinking about this chapter of my life as Oprah said. Don’t get me wrong, I know it will be difficult, challenging, annoying ….. Maybe, I can’t even imagine how it will be right now!


What I know is that you and I should TRUST the PROCESS and believe in those tools are with us every day 🔝.

The resources’ list is long and clothes as our wardrobe should be also there to help us in that journey.


So, how can you flatter your body shape during menopause choosing the right clothes?

👉 I will be talking about that and much more in the in-person workshop Jo Jo Fazel and I are having tomorrow afternoon.

Join us:

👉 Saturday 26th March from 3-5pm

👉 Upstairs, Emporium café, W7 3 TR, 60 Boston Road, London

👉Book your ticket here:

See you there

Sara ✨




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