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Easy styling tips - play with your wardrobe and start to enjoy your clothes!

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

How can you use your clothes to lift your mood?

First up, colours and patterns... mix, match and clash!!! A lot of colours can help lift our mood, people might have different ways of doing this, but my first step is always to use colours and patterns, mixing and matching stripes with polka dots and then adding a splash of colour.

Top Tip: match the colour of the strip to the colour of the polka dot for a beautiful combination.

Secondly the devil is in the detail... focus on the neckline, cuffs and the fabric. Wearing clothes that have interesting details around the neckline, the sleeves can really add value to the overall vision you create of yourself. Contrasting fabrics, tee shirts worn with tuxedo jackets, sequins worn alongside athleisure can all be very flattering, individual and, more importantly, bring out the playful side of your personality!

Thirdly, ensuring that an outfit makes you feel comfortable is key to enjoying your day and being productive. No matter what people say “fashion should not be painful!”. Avoid the trap of wearing the same outfit everyday, as tempting as it is to create a “home uniform”, this will not serve your productive ecosystem, branch out and challenge yourself to add another colour, or to add a new point of interest.

A perfect new choice could be footwear? Whilst we have all spent a long time indoors, now is not the time to neglect the heels that are migrating slowly to the back of the wardrobe; wearing ballerina flat shoes, selecting a stiletto for the supermarket, will all help create the light and shade to your daily activities.

Last but not least, the final tip is this… Sustainability starts at home, in your wardrobe, if you need fresh eyes on your wardrobe or you find yourself in an outfit rut then please do get in touch.

Check out my Instagram page where you will be able to find outfit inspiration and catch-up on the full Instagram Live videos.

Stay tuned for more ideas on creating new outfits starting from what you already own in your wardrobe!!!

From SimaStylist to all of you, enjoy!

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