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How to dress for the office - 5 easy tips!

Many of us are readjusting to being back in an office. “New – old” challenges to face after the last two years. Isn't it? Perhaps none greater than one looming concern: What to wear? If you need to get back into the right mind to restart dressing up or “ just” getting dress for work, here a short guide for you 👍 As a Sustainable Personal Stylist, there’s one main tip you should start with 👉 Before going on a shopping spree, shop in your wardrobe! Here’s how: ✅ Check your body shape, acknowledge if and how it has been changed ✅ Create a system in place that helps your new day time routine. Remember: your wardrobe changes according to your priorities. If you need to re-start working from the office, you shouldn’t stand in front of your wardrobe more that 2 minutes in the morning. If you know your wardrobe, you know what to wear and how to wear it straight away!

✅ At the end of this process, you will feel a stronger connection to your wardrobe. A place that doesn’t deserve wasting your money, time and energy! Having said that, how can you dress for the office? 5 tips for you: ⏩ Create a base in your wardrobe, a kind of “uniform dressing” you trust and feel super comfortable in ⏩ Create outfits with structured silhouettes. You will look smart and confident ⏩ Create outfits with interchangeable pieces

⏩ Buy something new? I

t should be a timeless staple: like a trench coat or a blazer ⏩ Choose polished comfort: quality material, fit and colour Let me know if you find it useful in the comments Need some help to start the process? Book your FREE VIP SESSION with me here: Sara ✨ . . #capsulewardrobe #personalbrand #sustainablestylist

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