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“I have lost my style mojo”,“I lost sight of my identity”,“I feel confused and disappointed"

Does it sound familiar?

As a midlife woman, you might find yourself dealing with a lack of self-confidence. Not only your body has been changing but all the way you perceive your life and your priorities.

Even though simply throwing on a fabulous blazer won’t solve underlying issues of low self-esteem, being aware of what to wear either to go to the office or working from home or just walking the dog, can be a quick and easy injection of self-confidence and presence.

👉 Remember: clothes should support you in every aspect of your life, and in every chapter of your life too!

Refreshing your approach about what to wear can take away all the negative thoughts and emotions about your menopause's ever-changing body!

And now, let's start from these 3 easy steps:

✅ Support your body’s silhouette

While it can be tempting to wear loose-fitting clothes or size up, in many cases this can make the silhouette appears wider, which may make you feel bigger and more self-conscious. This is especially true when two voluminous items of clothing are worn together, as the look can become boxy and shapeless.

Try instead: a blouse combined with a pair of high-waisted, stretchy, figure-hugging jeans. Nowadays, it’s also possible to find stylish jeans with tummy control or ‘lift and shape’ features, for an added boost of confidence.

✅ Build your base layer

In other words, it is time to invest in good quality bras and underwear. A natural drop in estrogen can make breast tissue less elastic, and it’s completely normal for breasts to lose their shape with age. But if you’ve been wearing the same bra size for years, it might be worth getting your breasts re-measured. Having a professional bra fitting could be helpful at this stage of your life.

✅ Develop the “Art of Layering”

Dressing in layers can help you adapt to changing temperatures while maintaining your style. The 3 main ingredients you should take into consideration in your layering journey are fabrics, patterns, and colours.

Styling tip: prefer thin fabrics and basic colours to begin with.

Learning how to layer is also an amazing way to welcome your body shape changes: whatever you put or lose weight your layered outfits can accommodate you. The secret is being more creative and thinking out of the box!

What are your top tips for styling your body through menopause?

Drop your comments below

Want to learn more about how to style your body “here and now”?


Sara ✨



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