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Stop buying on Vinted!

Vinted is a Lithuanian online marketplace for buying and selling second-hand clothing and accessories mainly.

Nowadays, Vinted is one of the most used marketplaces where consumers in Europe can be part of the “second- hand fashion revolution” concretely. Its motto is “Don’t wear it? Sell it!”

I am glad Vinted provides a better option to dispose unwanted clothes and that it plays an essential role in the throwaway culture. But let me say something else.

⏩ I constantly meet people who are using Vinted, and other similar platforms, to buy more clothes than they really need because.... it is cheap! The main result is that they add these clothes on top of what they already have in their wardrobe and that haven't been worn for long time.

Yes, using platforms such as Vinted is a good way to re-modelling present/future fashion methods. I also know that using these platforms might be a good way to earn some extra income by selling things. Also, "the decluttering process" can affect the mental health positively by letting go what we think isn’t necessary.

⏩ But my question is, “Is all of this sustainable?”

My understanding of sustainability is:

✅ Slowing down the overconsumption

✅ Buy less, buy better

✅ Stop with the lack of thought when shopping and selling

Having said that, I believe we all should first:

🔝 Investigate the logic behind the clothes we wear

💥 Understand the processes that move our fashion choices

🚀 Be more aware about our needs when it comes to the clothes we wear

👉 Last but not least, acknowledge and education!

If this speaks to you, speak to me and drop your thoughts!


Sara ✨




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