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What you wear is how you present yourself to the world. Style is instant language. Muccia Prada

The power of nonverbal communication and how what anyone wears can speak loud has been one of the reasons I have started my journey as a Stylist.

Studies show that clothing can influence your posture, body language, motivation, and even your mood. The right outfit can enhance creativity, focus, and negotiation skills.

So, yes, clothes are important not "just" to make you look good but to make you feel good! And this will affect your communication and your behaviour.

👉 I am glad to announce that I will the guest of the LinkedIn Live on March 24 at 8:00 pm GMT/9:00 pm CET

Hosted Alexandra Medrano Ganzon, TEFL an amazing Communication Coach for the fashion industry who also empowers professionals in fashion reach their full potential through advanced Business English communication and presentation skills.

👉 What will you learn?

- How personal style can be a fundamental form of communication

- The importance of discovering and developing your style

- How personal style can empower you

- How personal styling should be accessible to everyone and also


👉 Here the link to access:

Are you joining us?

Sara ✨

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