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Conscious Styling in Workplace

This workshop is aimed to understand how the clothes we wear at work affect our performance

  • 2 hours
  • Depending
  • Remote or in-house

Service Description

Power dressing gained serious popularity in the late 1970s and 1980s. Women in structured skirt suits might come to mind. Fashion has changed over time, but power-dressing is an aspect that has remained a constant to help us decide what to wear to work in the morning. Even though simply throwing on a fabulous blazer won’t solve underlying issues of low self-esteem, being aware of what to wear either to go to the office or working from home, can be a quick and easy injection of self-confidence and presence. Takeaways of the workshop: 1. Acknowledging how to manage the link between the clothes anyone chooses to wear, how to wear them, and how they affect the productivity in the workspace 2. Learning how power-dressing helps as a quick and easy injection of self-confidence and presence at work 3. Refreshing the approach about what to wear to take away all the negative thoughts and emotions about bodies and clothes LOCATION In-person (available across various London Boroughs and the UK) and Via teams TARGET AUDIENCE 20+ attendees, Inclusive to all those interested COST Happy to negotiate on costs and length as this will vary dependant on a remote or in-house

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