Testimonial - Giulia, Senior Manager.jpg

Sima Stylist helped me to look at my wardrobe in a very different way. One of the first things she told me was " your wardrobe is a treasure, you should treat it like that". She gave me so many amazing styling tips about what I already had in it! I also learnt a lot about sustainability in fashion and how to monetize my unworn items. In other words, anyone should have a styling experience with her!!! 


Giulia, Senior Manager 

Testimonial - James - Social Worker, .jp

A friend of mine suggested SimaStylist to me. When I got my first wardrobe analysis session with her I was quite nervous since I never had anything similar before. I have been interested in ethical fashion for a long time. That's why I really liked SimaStylist's approach. She knows a lot about sustainable fashion and she gave me a wonderful overview about my "new" wardrobe starting from what I already had.


James, Social Worker

Testimonial - Fabiola, Brand Manager.jpg

I got an amazing shopping Spree experience with SimaStylist. I have to admit that I used to hate shopping, I found it extremely boring. SimaStylist helped me to open my eyes and to look at me and at fashion in a more positive way where clothing can be fun and feminine. Now I feel like I own my style and I feel confident to build outfits that complimented me and reflected my essence and presence in the world.


Fabiola, Brand Manager

Testimonial: Clemance, Coach.JPG

I was a bit sceptical about the idea of a wardrobe analysis service delivered online. I explained that to SimaStylist during our free consultation call and she gave me reasonable reasons why I shouldn't be. During our sessions I learnt so much on how to maximise what I owned in my wardrobe already. I can now pull a banging outfit together in 5 minutes! SimaStylist also sent me a style guide after our sessions to let me keep purchasing the right things for me.


Clemance, Coach

Testimonial - Marco, general Directorjpg

My wife had the great idea to make me a Styling Service with SimaStrylist as a gift when I got promoted last year. Honestly, I did not take it as a great idea at the beginning! I was a bit sceptical but I had to admit that the experience was great. I felt so empowered by our work together to infuse credibility into my new look in preparation for all the engagements I had to face. I still thank SimaStylist for her expertise, humor, helpfulness, and team!"


Marco, General Director